Introducing the FIT Lab at Functionised Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founders

Jim Goetz, NBCE, CSCS and Chantea Goetz, PhDs, MS, CES

Jim and Chantea Goetz met while in school at the University of Tampa. Jim was on the baseball team working towards a degree in exercise science while Chantea pursued Sports Management. After school, Jim became a strength and conditioning coach working with professional athletes and teams in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League. During this time, Chantea went on to manage a prestigious health club in Florida. Both Jim and Chantea felt they were under performing and unhappy in their current paths. Jim went on to pursue a degree as a physician while Chantea furthered her education, earning a masters degree in Sport Psychology and then pursued a PhD in Applied Psychophysiology. During this time, Jim and Chantea stayed on the forefront of research and technology, creating the blue print of the worlds first membership based smart gym where science is sexy. The Functionised Brand was born, dismissing dumbbells and embodying artificial intelligence to create mind/ body workouts in under 15 minutes, proven far more effective than hours in the gym. Practicing what they preach, Jim and Chantea both travel the country competing in competitive Spartan races.

Chantea also competes in NPC figure competitions. Jim and Chantea have three kids and look to bring the Functionised brand globally. Jim and Chantea have co-authored, Biohacking the Brain for Success as well as numerous other articles published in the American Chiropractor Magazine. Jim and Chantea are sought out internationally giving talks on health, fitness, nutrition and wellness and appear regularly as guests on podcasts and have their own Functionised Podcast (available on any podcast player). Live each day to the fullest and go to sleep each night a better version than when you woke. This is the Functionised Lifestyle.

Our Professional Coaches

Athena Goetz

Director Under 12 Kids Program
Athena Goetz has a vast background in the field of exercise science, biomechanics and neurology. She consistently has scored in the top 1% on standardized testing and flourishes in math and science as a member of the National Honor Society.

Athena has achieved level 7 in USA gymnastics and is a highly decorated competitor. Athena is a Cross Fit history buff and enjoys competing in the sport of Cross Fit.

Athena is an integral part of Team Functionised during day to day operations, an inspiration to many and strives to be the best version of herself daily.

Dr. Michael Brandon

Director of Nutrition
Dr. Michael Brandon is a doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport with a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition with a double specialization of Dietetics and Sport's Nutrition.

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Dr. Brandon’s unique approach to medical nutrition goes above and beyond what any other organization can achieve in terms of success by treating each individual at the cellular level.

Dr. Brandon’s approach is cutting edge and geared towards the success of each and every individual.